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Nicholas Alahverdian (born in 1987/1988) is an American sex guilty party who faked his demise in 2020.

Alahverdian asserted that he endured misuse and carelessness in the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF), Rhode Island's social assistance framework.

On the side of this charge, in 2011 he sued the DCYF in government court, then, at that point, willfully excused the claim when Rhode Island deferred his ~$200,000 clinical costs obligation.

In January 2020, Alahverdian said that he had been determined to have non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In February 2020, media sources revealed Alahverdian's demise, refering to his family's declaration and his tribute.

The reports of his passing were questioned, as they happened after a misrepresentation examination had been founded against him by the FBI, and a warrant had been given after he purportedly neglected to enlist as a sex guilty party. In December 2021, he was tracked down alive in Scotland.


Alahverdian affirmed his folks were "harmful and drunkard" and "couldn't deal with him" prompting his position under the watchful eye of the DCYF.

Alahverdian has asserted that for a time of 15 months starting in March 2002 the DCYF put him in their "night-to-night" program, in which an adolescent would go through their day at a DCYF working in Pawtucket and evenings at one of a few asylums around Rhode Island, remembering areas for Central Falls, Providence, Narragansett, or Woonsocket.

Alahverdian said he didn't go to class during this period. As per Alahverdian, different adolescents took his things and undermined and attacked him during this period.

The Providence Journal, in April 2012, depicted the night-to-night program as a "smothering" experience and said Alahverdian was "prevented a considerable piece from getting his youth".

Alahverdian said that he informed legislators regarding his negative involvement with DCYF care, yet got no help.

Alahverdian professes to have shaped NexusGovernment, an association to campaign for kid government assistance in 2002 at 15 years old. In any case, Alahverdian said that he quit the association in March 2003.

Also, The Providence Journal, detailing in 2011, expressed that NexusGovernment was as it were "as of late shaped".

Neighborhood media detailed that Alahverdian was sent by DCYF to Boys Town in Nebraska and Manatee Palms Youth Services in Florida in 2003.

In a 2011 claim documented against the Rhode Island DCYF, he affirmed that he was restricted from reaching others, for example, the media, lawyers, the state kid supporter, and his case manager during this period.

Alahverdian asserted that he was conveyed of state because, in Rhode Island, he was "a wellspring of data on DCYF". Rhode Island specialists expressed that no records of Alahverdian were being mishandled.

As per a DCYF representative, they quit involving Manatee Palms Youth Services in 2005 because of "worries we had with how they were treating our children".

In 2005, Alahverdian was gotten back to Rhode Island, where he got treatment at Bradley Hospital for fourteen days. Thereafter, he was put in a free-living system.

Alahverdian let WPRI know that he was beaten "Ordinarily in Florida. Regularly in Nebraska. Regularly in Rhode Island," by other youth in DCYF programs. Alahverdian let WJAR know that he endured "torment, beatings, attack" and disregard under DCYF care, until 2005.

After Alahverdian's demise was reported in 2020, a lady who recognized herself as his widow sent a five-page email to The Providence Journal.

She expressed that Alahverdian had been "beaten and compelled to work without pay at gunpoint as a mission director in 2016 and was assaulted by a government official in 2002 and 2003", notwithstanding the maltreatment he had encountered in Rhode Island, under the consideration of DCYF, just as the out-of-state focuses in two different states.

Individual legitimate issues

In 2008 Alahverdian, utilizing his original name Nicholas Rossi was accused of physically attacking a Sinclair Community College understudy in a flight of stairs and hence indicted for public profanity and sexual burden.

He recorded a movement for a retrial in light of a recently surfaced MySpace post supposedly composed by the person in question, which guaranteed that she had lied with regards to the episode.

A PC criminology master affirmed "with 90% assurance" that the post had been modified or created altogether. The movement for retrial was excused by the checking on the judge.

In October 2015, Alahverdian was hitched for the subsequent time. After seven months, his better half moved to separate from him.

A court decided that Alahverdian was "at legitimate fault for gross disregard of obligation and outrageous brutality" towards his significant other.

Transitory controlling requests had been set up against Alahverdian, which the court decided that he disregarded by seizing "all of the conjugal family merchandise and goods from the conjugal home".

The separation was made authority in 2017, with Alahverdian owing his ex $52,000 he acquired to purportedly uphold a local area administration office. The Providence Journal announced these occasions in January 2021.

In no time before he faked his passing in mid-2020, Alahverdian knew that the FBI was researching him for misrepresentation, as detailed by The Providence Journal in January 2021.

His previous non-permanent mother, Sharon Lane, asserted that Alahverdian opened 22 charge cards under her significant other's name, causing nearly $200,000 owing debtors.

As per Alahverdian's previous legal advisor, Jeffrey Pine, a previous Rhode Island principal legal officer, Alahverdian had moved to Ireland by late 2019, which would obstruct any endeavor by the FBI to have him captured as such a capture would require "worldwide participation".

Be that as it may, Alahverdian's real area was muddled. Alahverdian let The Providence Journal know that he and his family had moved to Quebec, Canada.

A Rhode Island cleric described that Alahverdian's implied widow expressed Alahverdian had moved to Switzerland. State Rep. Raymond Hull of Rhode Island accepted that Alahverdian's implied widow said that Alahverdian had moved to Ireland or Germany.

Captured in Scotland

On January 12, 2022, The Providence Journal detailed that an American man was captured while getting treatment for COVID-19 in Glasgow, Scotland, and was affirmed by the Rhode Island State Police to be Alahverdian.

The Washington Post likewise revealed the capture, adding that Alahverdian was a suspect in "various [similar sexual assault] offenses in Utah and all through the United States".