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Andrew Lloyd Webber's new melodic was set to have its debut on Tuesday in London, however the creation has been tossed into confusion as one entertainer, among the cast of more than 30, gotten the Covid. 

This evening's debut, which should match with the remainder of England lifting pandemic-related limitations on what Downing Street calls Freedom Day, was dropped and no new opening date has been set. In an explanation, the "Apparition of the Opera" author and West End theater proprietor said that because of UK isolate rules, his melodic could close down altogether. 

"On Saturday, as a feature of this [testing] interaction, we distinguished a positive case in an individual from our cast who has an appearance on the show," said Lloyd Webber. "As a careful step, we dropped two shows on Saturday while we further tried everybody behind the stage, which returned negative." 

The creation then, at that point controlled subsequent PCR tests, all of which returned negative. 

"In spite of this," said Lloyd Webber, "the unimaginable conditions made by the obtuse contrivance that is the public authority's disconnection guide implies that we can't proceed. We have been compelled to settle on a staggering choice, which will influence the lives and occupations of many individuals. " 

Here are the Broadway tells that will return and the best way to get tickets. 

Lloyd Webber wound up seeming like the Ghost of him going to thump down the ceiling fixture at the Paris Opera: "Opportunity Day has become shutting day." 

Be that as it may, would he say he is rejecting the sets and winding down the phantom light at the Gillian Lynne Theater? Sources near the creation demand that this isn't a Lloyd Webber stunt, and that the situation with the show truly is undetermined.

Furthermore, a representative for "Cinderella" disclosed to The Post that there will be no exhibitions of the melodic this week, and what will occur after that date is questionable. 

"It is hard to see a course forward under the current standards, however we will give a valiant effort to return," he said. 

Other confused sources say that the melodic's progression is solid and that Lloyd Webber would be absurd on the off chance that he tossed "Cinderella" in the junk. 

"Cinderella" in London has confronted battles for over a year due to the Covid pandemic 

"Cinderella", which Lloyd Webber composed with lyricist David Zippel and Oscar champ Emerald Fennell, is the most recent casualty of what the British press has called "the pingdemic": severe and restricting confinement rules in which any individual who come into close contact with a contaminated individual, as followed by an application pinging their telephone, should remain at home for 10 days paying little heed to their immunization status or negative test outcome. It is assessed that nearly 10 million Britons could before long be attached to the couch. 

The devastating limitations, which will be reevaluated on August 16, have unleashed destruction on London's as of now striving theater business. 

In the previous fourteen days, large spending musicals like "The Prince of Egypt" and "Hairspray" have been compelled to drop a long time of exhibitions, despite the fact that the vast majority of the limit and utilization of veils rules finished Monday.

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," presently back in front of an audience at the Palladium, needed to postpone its beginning for 12 days sooner this month. 

"These principles are capital punishment for the West End," said a source. "The public authority couldn't care less about us. They don't see us, until they appear on our red covers and request to posture for photographs with our stars."

Simply investigate [culture secretary] Oliver Dowden in "Hairspray. I was unable to hold back to get a first see photograph with Michael Ball in quite a while dress.

Then, at that point, no not exactly seven days after the fact, "Hairspray" is compelled to close down for at least three weeks. 

"Couldn't care less". 

The solitary show presently running on the Great White Way, "Springsteen on Broadway," works at 100% limit, powers crowd individuals to get immunized, and has had no presentation breaks up until now. In any case, that creation has just two craftsmen: Bruce Springsteen and his significant other, Patti Scialfa. 

In any case, sources say Broadway ought to stay away from the cash emptying unrest out of the West End. At the point when the incomparable Broadway musicals – like "Underhanded", "Hamilton", "The Lion King" and "Moulin Rouge" – return in September, projects and groups will be needed to be immunized, and any individual who tests positive for COVID it will presumably be sent home without dropping exhibitions. 

"I acclaim London for moving forward to attempt to get craftsmen back to work, however that is the reason Broadway is pausing," a Broadway source said of the New York theater's ensuing rebound.

"We can't bear the cost of a 10-day closure. We can't bear the cost of a fourteen day closure. 

"We will be more ready for the fall on the most proficient method to manage this."