Who Is Kane Walcott's Girlfriend?, from Dance 100. Wikipedia, Family, and Age


Amy Jarvis is the girlfriend of Kane Walcott.
Walcott is a professional dancer who is now a Dance 100 contender and is represented by AJK Dance Agency. 

On Friday, March 17, 2023, at 3 am ET/2 am CT, Dance 100, the newest reality competition series on Netflix, is set to premiere.

In this competition, eight choreographers create more difficult dance routines in an effort to earn a reward of $100,000.

Kane's dance credits outside of this upcoming Netflix series include Britain's Got Talent, Alan Carr, Morrisons, Timberland, etc.

Because of his affiliation with the London-based dance firm AJK, Walcott is known to have a certain level of dance proficiency.

He has excellent training and expertise in many different dance forms, and by joining forces with a recognized agency, he has converted this into a career. 


Who Is Kane Walcott's Girlfriend?, from Dance 100. 

Amy Jarvis is Kane Walcott's romantic interest.
She works as a flight attendant and frequently shares Instagram photos of various locations across the world.

Walcott frequently shares images of them on his social media.
In addition to TikTok and Instagram, Jarvis has a YouTube channel with 646 subscribers.

Amy Jarvis is Kane Walcott's girlfriend


Talented artist Kane Walcott is renowned for his flexibility in a range of dance and singing genres.

Standing at 5'10, with a waist of 33 inches, hips of 41 inches, and a chest measurement of 38 inches, he has mesmerizing brown eyes and gorgeous black hair.
He wears 9.5-size shoes. 


Wikipedia, Kane Walcott's Age, and Family 

Kane Walcott does not have a page on Wikipedia, and neither has the burgeoning dancer made any references to his family in interviews or on social media.

The television celebrity has not disclosed his exact age, although it appears that he is in his late 20s.

Kane is skilled in a variety of dance genres, including commercial, contemporary, jazz, street dance, hip hop, house, popping, locking, dancehall, and ice, roller, and roller blading. 

His diverse skill set enables him to perform in a dynamic and adaptable manner to a variety of genres and styles.
The accomplishments of Kane speak much about his talent and diligence.

As noted, Walcott has demonstrated his talents to a large audience by performing on a variety of stages, such as Britain's Got Talent and Alan Carr.

Additionally, his work with well-known companies like Morrisons and Timberland demonstrates how highly his abilities are regarded in the business.

His resume speaks for itself, demonstrating that he is a dynamic actor who is dedicated to his art. 


The dancer on Netflix Dance 100 is Kane Walcott. 

Singer and dancer Kane Walcott is a gifted performer with outstanding abilities.
Kane stands out from many other artists thanks to his proficiency in both.

Walcott uses several genres and methods in a distinctive way to produce performances that are memorable, amusing, and captivating.

He is clearly a rising star in the entertainment world because his performances show a commitment to his art. 

His diverse skill set enables him to perform in a dynamic and adaptable manner to a variety of genres and styles.
The accomplishments of Kane speak much about his talent and diligence.

The structure of his upcoming reality television program Dancing 100 is unique compared to other reality TV competitions that viewers may have previously seen.

Eight dancers who have collaborated with well-known musicians like Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo, and Missy Elliot will be featured on the program.

The competition's distinctive feature is that the dancers not only compete, but also have the ability to decide whether the choreographers win or lose.