Mia Moocher wiki, bio, age, instagram, height, (Romeo Beckham girlfriend)

Mia Moocher

In the life of Romeo Beckham, a new name resonates strongly: Mia Moocher, who not only attended the Victoria Beckham parade on Monday but was one of the guests invited to the designer’s intimate dinner after the show.

If we add that, on September 1, Mimi – his nickname on social networks – shared an image of Romeo to congratulate his birthday accompanied with hearts, it was clear that the alarms were going to jump sooner or later.

In the profiles of one and the other there is never a lack of the respective ‘I like’, so the presence of the new friend of the son of the influential couple in the show of his mother seems a confirmation that, at least, the friendship between they can’t be beat – despite had to sit in a different sector than the family of the creative director.

For now, the profile of the 17-year-old Briton gives enough information about her life and her personal tastes. Do you want to discover what we know about Mia so far?

From what you can see on their social networks, where they accumulate more than 8,000 fans pending their steps – especially since he has been associated with Romeo – Mia is focused on finishing his stage at school and enjoying teenage life.

And, although we still do not know what profession we will see him playing in the future, with its 1.77 m height, the catwalk could be a more than a considerable option, something that would unite it with Hana Cross, the girl with whom he has been related to his brother Brooklyn Beckham.

In addition, although she calls herself ‘elf’ or ‘giraffe’ for her features, it is her own followers who tell her, over and over again, that a whole model is made.

Perhaps this is an indication that modeling or interpretation could be her future passions since he is a big fan of atypical beauty girls like Cara Delevingne, Uma Thurman or Angelina Jolie playing Lara Croft.

Women who, although they have made a name in their respective sectors, are not known for fitting into the most typical beauty standards. They are not the only icons of Mia, who also shares images of Kate Moss or Leonardo DiCaprio as inspiration.

Her hobbies are varied, but very clear at the same time, since she has been doing them for years. To begin with, she is passionate about multicultural festivals such as the WOMAD or the Glastonbury Festival, annual celebrations that are never missing accompanied by her friends that include, in addition to music, other arts such as dance or theater.

But sport is also a hobby that she practices regularly, something that could have been a connection point between her and Beckham’s son, who has made tennis his favorite exercise.

On the top of Mia’s hobbies is snorkeling, something she has been practicing since childhood, skiing and basketball, a modality she performs on her school team.