Meet Iris Renaux, the Shadow and Bone actor's girlfriend, and learn about her family's ethnicity.


Iris Renaux, the daughter of Archie Renaux, might not be well known to many fans and watchers.
Here are some additional details regarding Archie's family, girlfriend Annie, and daughter. 

English actor and model Archie Renaux goes by the full name Archie James Beale.
For his parts in the BBC One miniseries Gold Digger and the Netflix series Shadow and Bone, Archie became well-known.

As the creator of the popular television series "Shadow and Bone" had a huge objective for Mal, Archie has recently attracted the public's notice.

Online, Grishaverse book readers have been quite outspoken in their criticism of the show's Mal.

Because of the writers of "Shadow and Bone's" efforts to make the character more likeable, Mal from the novel and Mal from the TV series are viewed as being almost two separate personalities. 

The show's Renaux is debatably a lot more likeable than Bardugo's books' Renaux, who has come under fire for being misogynistic and manipulative. 


Son of Archie Renaux Iris 

Perhaps not many viewers are aware that Iris Renaux is Archie Renaux's daughter.

In June 2020, the actor disclosed that his girlfriend Annie was expecting a baby. Their daughter was born on October 15, 2020.

The model hasn't spoken to the public about Archie Renaux's daughter, and there isn't much information online about her either. 

Archie, on the other hand, hasn't posted any images that show his daughter's face.
He might be trying to avoid drawing attention to their personal difficulties by withholding information about his daughter and her from the media.

Future celebrations of Archie Renaux's daughter's birthday may, however, include public release of photos and videos. 

In addition to being a protective parent, Renaux works hard as a model and actor, putting forth the effort to appear in numerous projects.

With gigs at Topman, Nasir Mazhar, Moss Brothers, and Men's Fashion Week, among others, Archie's modeling career got off to a terrific start.

The 2017 post-apocalyptic film Zero chose the model.
The actor made his television debut in two separate projects in 2019: Gold Digger on BBC One and Leo Day in the Amazon Prime series Hanna.

In Marvel's Morbius and the film Voyagers, the actor played the supporting characters Bobby and Alex, respectively. 


Girlfriend Annie And Family Of Archie Renaux 

Archie isn't the most active user of social media, but he has occasionally spoken about his relationship with Annie.

His notes suggest that the couple began dating sometime in late 2019 or early 2020 and have been together ever since.

Despite the fact that Archie frequently deletes photos from his Instagram account, there are currently no images featuring the two of them. Archie has shared candid photos of himself with Annie in the past. 

Apart from that, it doesn't seem like Annie has a public social media profile of her own, and Archie has never disclosed any details about her private life.

On November 22, 1997, in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England, the actor was born to his parents. 

Mr. James Beale, a successful businessman, and Mrs. Beale, an Anglo-Indian homemaker, are Renaux's parents.
The Netflix actor is not the only child in the family; there are two sisters.

Archie finished his early schooling at Kingston upon Thames, an all-boys secondary school, and Richard Challoner School.

The Unseen Theatre School in London provided the British actor with additional instruction in theatrical production and professional acting.

Since he was a young adult, Archie has been passionate about acting and has wanted to make it his job.
He left his 9 to 5 engineering job to follow his passion.