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Lisa Maria Falcone

Lisa Maria Falcone Bio

Lisa Maria Falcone is an entertainer and maker, known for Win (2011), 127 Hours (2010) and Mother and Child (2009) according to IMDB. She is additionally best known for being the spouse to hedge fund billionaire, Philip Falcone.

Maria is in the general population spotlight after her previous individual culinary expert in a claim got by Page Six on Nov. sixth guaranteeing that she once said she wasn’t supremacist subsequent to utilizing the n-word — and said he could ask her dark companion Alicia Keys to affirm.

Lisa Maria Falcone Background

Lisa experienced childhood in Spanish Harlem and has a partner’s degree from Pace University. In 2008, she began a film creation organization, Everest Entertainment, and she has produced Mother and Child, 127 Hours, and Win-Win.

She is dynamic in magnanimous causes, including the American Museum of Natural History and sits on the leading group of the New York City Ballet.

Falcone’s decision of film ventures, in her new job as a maker, is likewise directed to a great extent by her history. Mother and Child, coordinated by Rodrigo Garcia and featuring Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, and Kerry Washington, weaves together three anecdotes about selection, a subject that resounds with her.

At 16, she found that the lady who had raised her was not her own mother but rather an auntie. She has never met her birth mother and doesn’t have any acquaintance with her whereabouts.

Lisa Maria Falcone Parents – Lisa Maria Falcone Mother

She was brought up in Spanish Harlem by a drunkard mother on welfare and furthermore talks straightforwardly of her dad, as a waiting assistant who never lived with her. At the point when she was younger, the two spent their week after week visits to a bar. Marie was found in her late adolescents by a Wilhelmina specialist in the city and started her modeling career.

Lisa Maria Falcon and Philip Falcone

They met in 1992, at a gathering supper at a Park Avenue café with Wall Street folks and exquisite young ladies. Lisa then in her mid-20s and Falcon in his late 20s. They tied a knot in 1997.

She gets the chance to tell individuals that in the early years, which were the point at which Falcone’s hairbrush organization was self-destructing, they dozed on an air mattress and had no cash. “Their relationship is explicit and one of a kind to them,” says a companion.

Philip Falcone who was a previous hockey player from Minnesota began to make a minimal expenditure on Wall Street.

In the end, a minimal expenditure transformed into a great deal, and afterward, a couple of years back, Philip made a well-planned wager against the subprime contract market and—poof!— they were extremely rich people.

Presently the Falcone’s are living cheerfully ever after with their five-year-old twins in a $50 million 27-room house off Fifth Avenue.

Lisa Maria Falcon Children

Lisa and Phillip have twin little girls, Liliana and Carolina (conceived February 2005).

Lisa Maria Falcon Used the N-Words on a Chef Coz she’s companions with Alicia Keys

Lisa Falcone is in the spotlight in the wake of disclosing to her previous individual culinary specialist she wasn’t bigot in the wake of utilizing the n-word — and said he could ask her dark companion Alicia Keys to affirm, as per new court papers.

Lisa in the Lawsuit is claimed to have dropped the n-bomb in the wake of meeting cook Brian Villanueva’s better half, who is dark, as per a pay debate claim recorded in Manhattan government court Wednesday, Nov. sixth against the socialite and her Harbinger Capital hubby.

Villanueva said his lady buddy came in to assist him with preparing for a Hamptons evening gathering the Falcones were facilitating on July thirteenth, 2019 — went to by Keys and her better half Swizz Beatz — and the following morning Lisa remarked on how articulate his accomplice was.

“Your girlfriend speaks very well. She seems educated. I would describe her as a chocolate-covered marshmallow,” the chef claims Lisa said.

The court papers further reveal that Despite Villanueva appearing visibly offended, she went on to ask “Do you use the word ‘n—-’ at home with your girlfriend?”

“Defendant Lisa Falcone noticed the shocked and offended expression on Plaintiff’s face, however, rather than apologize, she said defensively, ‘I’m Puerto Rican and grew up in Spanish Harlem so I can speak like that,’” the suit reads.

Later that day, Villanueva claims he delivered pizza to the Falcones on the beach and told them he was quitting due to the racist remarks.

“Rather than accepting Plaintiff’s resignation, Defendant Lisa Falcone asked Plaintiff not to resign and stated ‘talk to my black friends’ (seemingly referring to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz — both of whom were at the beach with the Falcones at that time), and emphasized ‘they will tell you that I am not racist,’” the documents read.

He’s suing for segregation and infringement of New York work laws, saying he’s owed $4,230.76 in unpaid wages. The claim likewise asserts Philip said he would possibly pay Villanueva on the off chance that he and his better half consented to a secrecy arrangement promising to not rehash Lisa’s expressions. They declined to sign.