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Jayme Closs is a 13 years old girl who went missing on 15th October 2018. On that day, a 911 call was received from Barron, Wisconsin, USA home of Jayme and her parents.

Upon the arrival of the police, they found that Jayme’s parents were shot to death and the teenager girl was missing.

Recently on 10th January of the year 2019, Closs was found alive in Eau Claire Acres which is about six miles east of Gordon, Wisconsin. Shortly after she was located, a suspect named Jake Thomas Patterson was taken into the custody.

Fast Facts:

Jayme Closs: Personal life

A pretty 13 years old teenager Jayme Closs is originally from the United States of America. She came into this world on 13th July of the year 2005 which has now made her reach at the age of 13. She is the daughter of James Closs and Denise Closs.

Closs has been dancing since she was a little girl. She was quiet but she seemed to have a very good relationship with her mother.

For her education, she went to study at the Riverview Middle School located in Barron.

Fast Facts:

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Student
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Father: James Closs
  • Mother: Denise Closs
  • Height: 5 Feet and 0 Inch/ 1.52 m
  • Weight: 45 Kilograms/ 100 lbs
  • School: Riverview Middle School
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Green

Jayme Closs: Disappearance

On the night of 15th October 2018, a 911 call was received from Barron, Wisconsin, USA home of Jayme and her parents at around 1:00 am. While the operator didn’t speak with anyone, it was heard a disturbance and a lot of yelling.

The dispatcher then attempted calling the number back but they instead received a voicemail of Denise Closs. After arriving 4 minutes later, the police noticed that the front door of the home had been kicked in and the parents of Jayme, James Closs and Denise Closs were shot to death from gunshot wounds.

Their dog was still in the house when the officers arrived and it was believed that the teenager was at the home at the time of the shooting. It was based on the details of 911call and evidence from the home.

In the surveillance footage near the residence of them, two vehicles were spotted with police identifying them as the vehicle of interest. The vehicles were described as a red or orange 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger and the black 2006-2010 Ford Edge or 2004-2-1- Acura MDX.

According to the neighbors, they head two gunshots at around 12:30 am on 15th October but dismissed them as hunting was very common around that place.

Jayme Closs: Recovery

Recently on 10th January 2019, the Barron County Sherrif’s Department made an announcement that Jayme had been found near Gordon, Wisconsin and a suspect had already been taken into the custody.

Minutes after Closs was found, a Douglas County Sherrif’s Deputy spotted a car described by her as belonging to the suspect. The authorities took the driver, 21 years old Jake Thomas Patterson into the custody.

Patterson faces two counts of 1st-degree intentional homicide and one count for the kidnap. According to the Barron County Sherrif Chris Fitzgerald, Patterson does not have any previous criminal history in Wisconsin.

Authorities said at the news conference on the morning of 11th January that Jake Thomas is in the custody in Barron County. The house in Gordon where he held Closs captive is owned by the father of Patterson.