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Jatwan Craig Cuffie is a suspect in shooting as well as killing his classmate named Bobby McKeithen. The incident took place at the Butler High School on 29th October of the year 2018. Craig Cuffie has now reached at the age of 16.

Matthew Police Department Captain Stason Tyrell told on a news conference that the 16 years old Bobby McKeithen was shot on Monday and he died at the local hospital. The victim Bobby was a 10th grader studying at the Butler High School located in Matthews, Southeast of Charlotte.

Tyrell also said that the suspect Jatwan Craig, the 9th grader is charged with the first-degree murder. He also added that Jatwan has been charged as an adult and is being held in a Mecklenburg County jail.

According to the investigators, Jatwan allegedly shot and killed his classmate Bobby after some sort of disagreement. The incident occurred in the main hallway of Butler High School just after 7 am.

Soon after the incident, the parents of the students were told that they could pick their children up if they wished and the emotional pictures showed the parents reuniting with their children after the terrifying morning.

The initial reports indicate that the conflict between the two students started with bullying which went out of control. According to Tyrrell, the shooting took place just before the final bell that rang for the students to go into the classrooms.