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Elizabeth Ingram

American TV personality Alton Brown is currently married to his wife Elizabeth Ingram. The pair married in 2018 and are together ever since.

Alton, of course, is a popular television personality. He has appeared in multiple food-related programs so far. Just recently, he was the narrator in the television series- Ridiculous Cakes.

His wife, however, is a relatively less-known name. She is a local restaurant designer by profession. Additionally, the pair first met after Alton hired her to design his new Marietta loft space.

So far, the couple has had a stable marriage. There has not been any news of divorce or extramarital affairs to date.

Here, we have gathered details regarding Elizabeth’s personal life. We have talked in detail about her family background and her net worth.

Elizabeth Ingram’s Age

There are no details available regarding Elizabeth Ingram’s age. Her husband is 57 years old. She might be younger than her husband.

Her Wiki

Elizabeth does not have a Wiki page. There is very little information available about her early life and childhood.

She is from Boston. Additionally, singer Liz Phair is one of her cousins. She is a graduate of Winsor School.

Furthermore, she also attended the University of Idaho. From there, she has received a degree in interior architecture.

How old is Alton Brown Wife?

As mentioned, Alton Brown might be older than his wife. She has not revealed her age to the public so far.

Short Bio of Elizabeth Ingram

Here is a short Bio of Elizabeth Ingram.

She began her career working for Portland Antique Company. This was back in the 1990s. There, she imported and bought containers of antique furniture.

Later, she began working as a senior interior designer at Architropolis. She was also the designer for the Bobo Intriguing Objects.

She launched her own furniture line in 2017. Previously, she founded her design studio which is called Elizabeth Ingram Studio.

Her Family Details

There is no information available relating to her family details.

Her husband’s father is Alton Brown Sr. He was a media executive. Additionally, he is also a publisher of White County News.

Elizabeth Ingram’s Net Worth Info

Elizabeth Ingram has not revealed her net worth. She is very successful in her profession. This suggests that she might have her net worth in millions.

Her husband, however, has a net worth of $13 million dollars. He is one of the most prominent television personalities of recent times.

Some Facts of her Husband

Alton is a food show presenter and an author. He is the creator of the show- Good Eats of the Food Network. Additionally, he hosts Feasting on Asphalt and Feasting on Waves.

He became interested in cooking from a very early age. He appeared on Sesame Street in 2010. More recently, he also narrated the Ridiculous Cakes.

He voiced Yum LaBouché in the television series Big Hero 6: The Series. Furthermore, he also has six credits as a writer.

He has three credits as a director and one credit as a producer. Additionally, he received the nomination for Daytime Emmy in 2012. He received the nomination for his performance in Thanksgiving Live!.

Furthermore, he has appeared in multiple commercials so far. He has done commercials for General Electric and Dannon.