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Anthony Comello is a 24-year-old non-mobster who has been identified as the suspect behind the murder of Frank Calin, the reputed boss of the Gambino crime family in what has been described as one of New York’s biggest homicide cases.

Anthony Comello Background Information
As per Comello’s Facebook page, he attended Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York. Comello is listed as having graduated as part of the class of 2012. On the Facebook page, Comello refers to himself as single and says that he is a native of Staten Island. Online records give Comello’s last known address as being around 7 miles south of where Cali lived with his family.

Anthony Comello Arrested in Connection to Frank Cali Killing
Anthony Comello, 24, a non-mobster who works odd construction jobs, was taken in custody in a New Jersey jail and is expected to face murder charges in connection to the killing of Frank Cali, 53.

The stunning hit was the first assassination of a New York City mob boss since an upstart John Gotti had Gambino boss Paul Castellano whacked outside Sparks Steak House in 1985.

Accorrding to NBC New York, authorities are exploring a theory that the suspect “wanted to date one of the mob boss’s relatives and Cali told him to back off.” Daily Beast also reported that the murder “could have been the result of a personal spat involving a woman.” The New York Times reported that investigators were looking into whether the shooter had been instructed not to date Cali’s daughter, but stressed the investigation was in the early stages when it comes to definitively rule out a mob tie.

Anthony Comello Charges
Police said they expect Anthony Comello to be charged in Cali’s murder.

Speaking to news reporters, Dermo Shea, chief of detectives said; “Was he acting alone? Was he acting for other people? What was the motive? I simple, standing here in front of you, do not have all of the answers.”

Anthony Comello Criminal History
Comello has no criminal history but once exhibited strange behavior in a federal courthouse that prompted law enforcement to check him out, The New York Times reported without providing specifics.

He did receive a parking ticket in New York the day of the murder.

How did the Shooting of Frank Cali Happen?
The shooting of Frank Cali took place outside his family home in Staten Island near his SUV, which was parked outside of the dwelling. The killer struck Cali’s car, and when Cali came outside, a conversation ignited, followed by the murder. It’s possible, authorities believe, that the shooter struck Cali’s car to lure him outside where he would be vulnerable.

According to NBC New York, surveillance video showed Cali’s shooter pick up a license plate that fell off the car after shaking hands with Cali. He handed the plate to Cali and “then pulls a gun and shoots as Cali puts the license in his own car.” according to the television station, which cited law enforcement sources for the information.

The New York Times reported that the gunman rang Cali’s doorbell after striking his car.

The police obtained the suspect’s fingerprint from Cali’s car, and possibly from the license plate.

“Mr. Cali was struck several times by gunfire. In trying to elude additional gunfire, [he] fled to the rear area of his private vehicle,” Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said in a press conference, adding that 6 bullets hit Cali and 12 were fired.

The killer used a 9mm handgun, and “held it with two hands — as if he was trained.”